Scott's Apple ][ Page

This page has several Apple ][ related tools.

One main feature is a searchable .dsk database. I have combined the 5.25" floppy disks at Asimov and TOSEC, and some others I ran across. I have put them into a single ~2.5GB file, and made them searchable. I have de-duped identical disks (assigning each disk a 64-bit hash, although you'll see duplicates that differ, such as multiple cracks of a disk). You can also do file listings (DOS 3.3 and ProDOS), and dumps of files/disks.

In addition, once you have selected a disk (either by searching the archives using the tools below, or uploading your own disk), you can generate a 4K (3840x2160 pixel) .bmp file with the ASCII contents of the disk displayed. See an example done with the DOS 3.3 System Master disk (warning: 2MB).

[List of all disks]

Search by name:
e.g. 'Sabotage' will show all discs and files with 'Sabotage' in the name
Search by extension:
e.g. '.s' will show all files with the extension '.s' ('logon.s', 'bigmac.s', etc.)
Upload a .dsk file:
Lets you upload a .dsk file and view the contents. The disk will ONLY be viewable from the resulting page (bookmarking it will prevent you from having to later re-upload the disk); others cannot see it.